Announcing Clone Protocol’s Official Public Mainnet Launch

Clone Protocol
5 min readMar 2, 2024


We are thrilled to announce that Clone Protocol’s official public mainnet launch is here. Clone is a Solana DEX optimized for non-native token trading through cloned assets (clAssets). We’ve created a platform where users can trade and use any token using clAssets without ever needing to step outside the Solana ecosystem.

Our journey to this point has been fueled by the passion, feedback, and unwavering support of our dedicated community of Cloners. We extend our deepest gratitude for your belief in our mission and your active participation in shaping the future of Clone.

As we step into this new era, we also want to extend a warm invitation to those we haven’t participated in our community. The Cloner community is open, welcoming, and passionate about using clAssets to provide a more inclusive, expansive, and flexible Solana DeFi experience. In the following sections, we’ll guide you through the key features of our two frontend interfaces and introduce you to Season 1 of our Points Program.

Clone Markets: The One-Stop-Shop for Cloned Asset Trading

Introducing Clone Markets: the one-stop-shop for clAsset trading. Clone Markets has been specifically designed to make trading cloned assets easy and intuitive. Clone Markets is more than just a trading platform; it’s a gateway to a new generation of tokens within Solana DeFi.

Clone Liquidity: The Home of the Comet Liquidity System

Introducing Clone Liquidity: the home of our revolutionary Comet Liquidity System. This system is not simply a feature; it’s the backbone of our entire protocol. Clone Liquidity has been crafted to empower users, enabling them to harness the full potential of our unique liquidity mechanism. Let’s dive into everything you can do on Clone Liquidity.

The Comet Liquidity System
The Comet Liquidity System (CLS) is what gives cloned assets their unprecedented capital efficiency and scalability. The CLS supports the creation of unique liquidity positions called comets. Comets have a few interesting components to their functionality. First, you only need USDC to start providing liquidity using comets. Second, you are able to take leverage on your liquidity positions, which is similar to concentrating your liquidity on other decentralized exchanges. Lastly, comets are cross-margin, meaning your USDC can back leveraged liquidity positions across every cloned asset market simultaneously! This provides maximal efficiency for liquidity providers and makes it incredibly inexpensive for us to scale to new cloned asset markets.

How to Start Using Comets
Creating a comet is straightforward: navigate to the “Comet” tab, deposit your USDC, and start providing liquidity. The key to safely managing your comet lies in the “Health Score”. If your health score reaches 0, your position may be subject to partial liquidation. We recommend maintaining a health score of at least 50 if you’re just getting started. You should also regularly check on the condition of your position.

Cloned Asset Borrowing
Borrowing clAssets is a feature designed primarily for those looking to execute sophisticated trading strategies, such as shorting or arbitraging clAssets. By navigating to the “Borrow” tab, users can mint clAssets using USDC as collateral, adhering to an over-collateral ratio of at least 250%.

The Wrapper
The Wrapper is a straightforward but essential tool within Clone Liquidity. This feature supports the swapping (also known as wrapping) of bridged assets for cloned assets. For example, ARB and OP bridged to Solana through deBridge, and SUI bridged using Wormhole, can be swapped for their cloned counterparts on a 1:1 basis. The Wrapper plays a crucial role in maintaining the price stability of clAssets by allowing arbitrageurs to profit by us helping maintain price pegs.

Points Program: Season 1

Our public mainnet launch also marks the beginning of Season 1 of our Points Program. The first public season of our program builds on the valuable insights gained from Season 0 during private mainnet. Participants can earn points through various activities, including trading, providing liquidity, and engaging with our Zealy campaign. This multi-faceted approach not only rewards active community members but also fosters a vibrant ecosystem where contributions in all forms are recognized and celebrated.

Liquidity Points are CLONED
In celebration of our public mainnet launch and the beginning of Season 1 of our Points Program, we are “cloning” all liquidity points. For the first two weeks of public mainnet, until March 16th at 12:00AM UTC, all points earned through providing liquidity will be doubled! This boost is designed to incentivize more users to learn about the Comet Liquidity System and how to earn yield using comets.

What’s Next?

Clone Protocol’s public mainnet launch marks the beginning of an exhilarating journey into the future of DeFi on Solana. As we celebrate this milestone, we’re already looking ahead toward more exciting announcements. Our team is tirelessly working on forging new integrations, establishing key ecosystem partnerships, and preparing to list new cloned assets that promise to enrich our platform and enhance the Solana DeFi experience. This launch is just the starting point of our mission to turn Solana into a hub where anyone can trade any token from any chain using clAssets. We’re committed to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible, and we invite you to join us on this exciting adventure. Stay tuned for our upcoming announcements and get ready to be part of the future of DeFi on Solana.

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