Announcing Clone Protocol’s Private Mainnet Launch

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6 min readFeb 2, 2024


Announcing Clone Private Mainnet

From Vision to Reality

We have spent the last few years building Clone Protocol to make onboarding non-native token liquidity to Solana more efficient. Today, we could not be more proud to announce our official private mainnet launch. As we embark on this exciting next phase of our journey, we want to extend our heartfelt thanks to each of you, our dedicated community members. It’s been a path filled with challenges and triumphs, each step enriched by your valuable contributions. This mainnet launch is more than a technological achievement; it’s a shared success, born from the collective efforts and aspirations of our community. As we step into this new chapter, we’re excited to continue this journey with you, building and growing together.

Clone Protocol: Native Liquidity Provisioning for Non-native Assets

Clone Protocol: Native liquidity provisioning for Non-native assets

Clone Protocol was built to address a critical problem in Solana DeFi; the lack of non-native token liquidity. A non-native token in this context is a token that originates on a blockchain other than Solana. We invented a brand new liquidity engine called the Comet Liquidity System to optimize the process of onboarding non-native token liquidity to Solana. This novel approach introduces a brand new asset class to the Solana DeFi ecosystem: cloned assets, or clAssets. By making more non-native assets accessible on Solana, our platform becomes a welcoming gateway for new users, providing them with familiar assets as they explore Solana’s ecosystem for the first time. Essentially, we’re opening Solana to more assets and users, growing the ecosystem together.

Read more about system intricacies in our docs!

Super Cloners

Within our vibrant community, a special mention goes to our ‘Super Cloners’ — a group of whitelisted members who are set to enjoy exclusive access to our private mainnet. These select individuals represent the early adopters and avid supporters of Clone Protocol, having demonstrated their commitment and enthusiasm through their active participation and support. As the first users of our product on mainnet, their insights and feedback will be invaluable in shaping the future of Clone Protocol, ensuring that we continue to meet and exceed the expectations of our entire community. If you were not able to earn a spot on our whitelist, you will unfortunately need to wait until our public mainnet launch. For those who want to understand the full extent of the Super Cloner role and its associated perks, we invite you to read our article announcing the whitelist.

Read more in our whitelist announcement.

Introducing Clone Markets App 📈

Introducing Clone Markets App

Our private mainnet launch includes two distinct frontend interfaces: Clone Markets and Clone Liquidity. Clone Markets is designed specifically to make trading cloned assets (clAssets) easy and intuitive.

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Navigating Clone Markets

We’ve streamlined the trading experience to ensure that even the most novice traders can navigate Clone Markets with ease. To begin trading, simply select the ‘Trade’ tab or click on a clAsset displayed on the homepage. If you want to visualize your positions on Clone Markets, visit the ‘Portfolio’ tab for a comprehensive view.

Initial Listings

Two initial clAssets: clARB and clOP on Solana

We’re excited to announce that Cloned Arbitrum (clARB) and Cloned Optimism (clOP) will be the inaugural cloned assets available to trade on Solana through Clone Markets. We chose clARB and clOP as our initial listings because neither are currently available to trade on Solana and both represent popular tokens with promise that will be useful within Solana DeFi for years to come. Furthermore, we’re already planning the addition of a third clAsset to mainnet. This decision will be community-driven; we’re eager to hear your suggestions and feedback.

Introducing Clone Liquidity 💧

Introducing Clone Liquidity App

Clone Liquidity is our dedicated frontend for facilitating liquidity to the Clone ecosystem through our novel Comet Liquidity System. This platform not only allows for liquidity provision but also hosts a suite of essential functions, which we will delve into, providing a comprehensive toolkit for our users.

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Navigating Clone Liquidity

To provide liquidity or borrow clAssets on Clone Liquidity, a simple account initialization is required. This process, which costs approximately 0.07 SOL, is a one-time step that unlocks the full potential of your DeFi experience on our platform.

The Comet Liquidity System (CLS)

At the heart of Clone Liquidity is the Comet Liquidity System, a groundbreaking mechanism that powers the efficiency and scalability of cloned assets. Comets uniquely support leveraged, cross-margined liquidity positions, bringing a new level of dynamism to your liquidity provision strategies.To create a comet, simply navigate to the “Comet” tab and provide collateral in USDC. Once you’ve added collateral, you are free to provide liquidity across any clAsset pool with leverage. However, it’s crucial to maintain a proper “Health Score”. If your health score drops to zero, your comet will be subject to partial liquidation.

clAsset Borrowing

While most users may not frequently need to borrow clAssets, it remains an important feature in our ecosystem. By navigating to the “Borrow” tab, users can mint clAssets using USDC against an over-collateral ratio of at least 250%. This option is particularly useful for traders looking to short clAssets, but can also be used to streamline arbitrage strategies.

clAsset Wrapping

The “Wrapper” tab within Clone Liquidity is designed to facilitate the swapping or ‘wrapping’ of bridged assets for clAssets. For instance, bridged ARB and bridged OP (using deBridge specifically) can be swapped on a 1:1 basis with clARB and clOP, respectively. This feature is pivotal in maintaining the price stability of clAssets through arbitrage, further enhancing the robustness of our platform.

Launching Points Program: Season 0

Points Program: Season Zero

A critical component within both Clone Markets App and Clone Liquidity App that I have not mentioned is the ‘Points’ tab, a dedicated space showcasing the points program leaderboard. Our whitelisted users and private access users can earn points by trading clAssets, providing liquidity with comets, and participating in our ongoing Zealy campaign. Season 0 of our Points Program is an exclusive opportunity for Super Cloners, offering them a well-deserved head start acquiring points before season 1 is launched to the public.

Learn more about Season Zero here!

Charting Our Course to Public Mainnet Together

As we forge ahead toward our public mainnet launch, the role of our Super Cloners becomes increasingly significant. Your feedback, insights, and active participation are the cornerstones upon which we will build a more robust and user-friendly platform. We urge our Super Cloners to actively engage with us on Discord. Share your experiences, suggest improvements, and help us refine Clone to perfection. We extend our heartfelt gratitude once again to all of you who have been with us on this journey. Your unwavering support and active engagement have brought us to this exciting juncture. As we look toward the future with optimism (no pun intended) and eagerness, we are thrilled to have you alongside us, helping to shape the future of Clone Protocol.






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