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Grand Army

Welcome to the Clone Wars, an epic journey within the Clone Protocol universe where the Grand Army marches forward to unite disparate ecosystems under the banner of Solana. This adventure isn’t just about trading and providing liquidity; it’s about becoming an integral part of a community-driven narrative that shapes the future of decentralized finance. To make this journey even more rewarding, we’re excited to introduce our Discord XP Campaign, designed to recognize and reward your contributions to the Clone ecosystem.

By participating in the Clone Wars XP Campaign, you can earn XP through various activities, advance through the ranks of the Grand Army, and unlock exclusive privileges and rewards. Whether you’re a seasoned DeFi veteran or a newcomer eager to explore the potential of Solana, there’s a place for you in the Grand Army.

Hierarchy of Roles

Every member of the Grand Army has the opportunity to rise through the ranks based on their contributions and engagement. Here is the hierarchy of roles you can achieve:

  1. Recruit: 0–500 XP
  2. Trooper: 501–2,000 XP
  3. Corporal: 2,001–5,000 XP
  4. Sergeant: 5,001–10,000 XP
  5. Lieutenant: 10,001–20,000 XP
  6. Captain: 20,001–35,000 XP
  7. Major: 35,001–50,000 XP
  8. Battalion Commander: 50,001–75,000 XP
  9. Regimental Commander: 75,001–150,000 XP
  10. Marshall Commander: 150,001 and above XP

Each rank comes with its own set of privileges and recognition, reflecting your commitment and influence within the Clone Protocol community.

Ways You Can Earn XP

Engagement and active participation are key to earning XP in the Clone Wars. Here are the primary ways you can accumulate XP:

Messages Sent

Every message you send in the Grand Army Discord channels will earn you XP. This includes participating in discussions, asking questions, providing answers, and contributing to the community. The more you engage, the more XP you accumulate.

XP per message: 1 XP

$ of clAssets Held

Holding clAssets signifies your dedication to the Clone Protocol ecosystem. The more clAssets you possess in wallets connected to your discord, the more XP you can earn. This not only rewards your investment but also encourages active participation in Solana’s economic activities.

  1. $1 — $100 of clAssets held: 15 XP per day
  2. $101 — $1,000 of clAssets held: 50 XP per day
  3. $1,001 — $10,000 of clAssets held: 100 XP per day
  4. $10,001 and above of clAssets held: 200 XP per day

$ of Liquidity Provided

In the expansive universe of Clone Protocol’s Grand Army, providing liquidity is essential for the vitality and efficiency of our mission. By adding liquidity, you help maintain seamless transactions and a robust market. To honor this critical contribution, you can earn daily XP based on the amount of liquidity you supply.

  1. $1 — $100 of liquidity provided: 15 XP per day
  2. $101 — $1,000 of liquidity provided: 50 XP per day
  3. $1,001 — $10,000 of liquidity provided: 100 XP per day
  4. $10,001 and above of liquidity provided: 200 XP per day

Getting Started

Discord Connection

To ensure that your contributions are recognized and your XP is accurately tracked, you need to connect your Discord account with Clone Protocol.

You can find more information on how to link your Discord to get started in our Clone Wars Lore Wiki:

Once connected, your XP and rank will be updated automatically once per day based on your activities and holdings. You can also run /progress in discord to showcase the breakdown of your current XP.

This connection will allow you to seamlessly track your progress, unlock new roles, and gain access to exclusive channels and content within the Grand Army Discord.

Changes in Roles

We’ve adjusted the descriptions and criteria for several roles to align them more closely with our new XP Campaign and overall mission.

To see the updated descriptions and understand the new criteria for each role, please navigate to the #info-and-faq channel on the Clone Protocol Discord server.

This channel will provide you with all the necessary information regarding the new role structure and how you can advance through the ranks.

Wiki Lorekeeper

For those passionate about contributing to the lore of Clone Protocol, we have created the #Lorekeeper channel. This dedicated space is where community members can brainstorm, collaborate, and develop the narrative of the Grand Army. Your ideas and stories can become a part of the official lore, shaping the future of our collective journey.

Join the #Lorekeeper channel to:

  • Share your creative ideas and stories.
  • Collaborate with other lore enthusiasts.
  • Help expand the lore and contribute to the Grand Army’s narrative.

The Clone Wars XP Campaign is more than just a gamified DeFi experience; it’s an invitation to be an active participant in the evolving story of Clone Protocol.

By engaging with the community, holding clAssets, providing liquidity, and contributing to the lore, you can earn XP, rise through the ranks, and unlock exclusive rewards. Join the Grand Army through the Clone Wars journey, and let’s shape the future of DeFi on Solana together.

Many Through One!



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